SH rocks

"声音碎片" ("Sound fragment")
Shanghai -- Starting on Monday, April 29 Shanghai (and Beijing as of a few days earlier) has been hosting two three-day concerts: the Strawberry music festival, where these pictures were taken, and the MiDi Festival, that will be featured in my upcoming post. 
These yearly events included both domestic and international artists performing in multiple stages on some of the cities largest parks in Pudong. In a country where any public gathering is potentially sensitive and heavily scrutinized, these festivals represent one uncommon occasion for large scale outdoors entertainment. Also, they turn into a very interesting window to look at the latest trends and "unconventional" looks of local Chinese.

A very popular gadget among female participants to the concert.
"Shiny happy people laughing", as a REM song goes.

And less happy folks.
Beware of the sun always, rock concerts included.

I'll never stop wondering at Asians' special skills in managing to sleep anywhere, anyhow.  Respect.
The concert "snack".
One of the four stages at the Strawberry music festival.

A member of "The Cleft"

Lead singer of "二手玫瑰" ("Second Hand Rose") 

The "Travis".
To be continued ...